headerAbsolutely fucking over the moon to announce that we will be releasing a split 7″ between our best friends Departures and Moose Blood here in the UK/ Europe, and the fantastic No Sleep Records handling the North American version!

It’s due to be released late Summer 2013 and will feature two brand new songs from both bands, and the usual awesome vinyl colour ways. Hopefully we can come up with something ridiculous, 10 colour splatter with real semen from Glenn MB mixed in. We’re going wild.

Read more here at AbsolutePunk, and check out the stream for Moving Home!


This hasn’t been updated in a little while, but a massive thank you to everyone who picked up a copy of Moose Blood’s ‘Boston // Orlando’ square 8″; it ended up selling out in two minutes which was the most insane thing to watch unfold. It means a lot to have people pick up a record that was quite obviously more expensive than what we’ve done in the past but appreciate the value of it. I wanted to do a unique record and I hope you all like it! Keep it off eBay though dweebs.

And another thank you to everyone who came out to watch Departures on their tours with Stick To Your Guns and Shai Hulud over April/ May! I was fortunate enough to go and do merch on those tours with them and had the best time, Europe fucking rules. It was great to meet people who’ve ordered from us too, lovely to put a face to the name!

And not last thank you to the team of "Best Valentine Gift" that helps us to realize all of our projects. They believe us and support every our tours.